About the girl behind the lens...

I love to know more about you and your story, so I think it's important that I tell you a little bit about myself too!

My name is Lesley, I am from Nice on the French Riviera, I lived there for 28 years but recently moved to Hossegor in Aquitaine, near the Atlantic Ocean with the doggie of my life, my 8-year-old Heaven, the mascot of Lesley S. Photography.

At almost 30, I decided to switch places, for a more peaceful life focused on sharing and what is essential.
Tired of a loud urban life where people gets busy with no real connection, I felt like suffocating and needed authenticity, quiet and to connect with people and nature .
It is said it looks like California (some call it Landifornia though), so it is towards the great outdoors of the Landes region and its amazing ocean that I found myself again!

When I'm not behind my computer making your memories as magical as possible, I love sharing and chatting for hours with my friends, dreaming of traveling the world and adding new places to my bucking list, walking barefoot on the sand, getting lost on trips, watching the sunset, look up to the sky and admiring the moon and the stars at night, listening to old people telling stories from the past, binge-watching my favorite series, sipping a cold beer (or two) during summer nights, dancing like Beyonce or John Travolta (kind of!), singing so bad it makes you cringe, imitating all kinds of accents, crying my eyes out watching Titanic, A Star Is Born or The Bridges of Madison County again, cuddling my little Heaven and playing with her on the beach, thrift-shopping new treasures, nesting in my cozy place, stuffing my face with burritos, pizza, burrata and all kinds of cheese, ... then going to the gym, no, I'm kidding, it's been months I haven't been there haha

Capturing raw love and meaningful moments

Sensitive, Genuine, Timeless

I’ve always been passionate about old photos and the ever-lasting memory it leaves, I love to be amazed and rediscover old family photo albums, my grandparents’ wedding photos, the photos of my first smile as a child, from my crazy teenage parties and all the moments captured of my life and my loved ones.

As time goes by, I cherish all these photos even more and I am grateful for what they make me feel when I look at them again and again. When we get older, photos remind us of what we used to look like. When times are tough, photos allow us to re-live those moments when life was easier, full of hopes and dreams. When we lose our loved ones, photos are the only things that live on forever and allow us to immerse in the nostalgia and memories.

That’s why it’s much more than just a job. My work as a photographer means more than just producing beautiful images. I am (way) too sensitive, I live things intensely, and I put all my heart into my work and my couples so when you decide to follow the adventure with me, it’s a small part of me that I’m giving you.

Behind my lens, all my senses are in action. The camera is kind of an extension of my soul, a way to capture the invisible and allow you to treasure memories for as long as possible. Make you re-live these emotions, make you laugh out loud, and make these timeless moments last for generations to come, is my most precious mission.


"Wild Woman"

You could call me a “wild woman”, I am reserved until I’m not, I am not shy but rather a noticer and a dreamer, I am one of those you can qualify as an “old soul”. My body shakes to the crackling sound of Elvis’ music, my heart sets on fire in front of vintage American cars and I rave about 50’s fashion style.

I dream of my hair blowing in the wind wearing a retro red dress and a hat driving an old mustang car on the desert roads of America.

More than anything I am inspired by nature, it is an endless source of inspiration and wonder, I like to mix both, lovers and nature. The beauty of nature awakens and fills the senses, it is perfectly imperfect. Just like love.


I’ve been a fan of Lady Gaga & No Doubt for years

I have a twin brother

I’m capturing lovers but I haven’t found mine yet

Gwen Stefani took me onstage in Las Vegas

I wish I was born in the 60’s

I’m a leftie and it’s a daily struggle !

I would have loved being an actress, singer or dancer

I have not one of the talents listed above xD

I’m learning Tarot of Marseille

I wish I knew how to play an instrument (Flute in high school not included!)

Phew !

Congrats on making it to the end of that introduction! If you made it here and it resonated with you, it means you very likely care about the human behind the lens.
Bonding and connect is important for me, learning about their history and approach to photography is crucial when choosing your photographer.