Elopement what is it?

Elopement – Definition

Have you ever heard that word? No? Doesn’t matter, I’ll try to tell you more about this famous elopement word coming directly from the United States.

If we want to find a definition of the word “elopement”, it means a secret way of being married, a love escape, a way to run away from the tumults of life and the stressful time of a big wedding preparation, and exchange that with a more intimate, solitary and adventurous wedding experience.

Nothing to do with the weddings ceremonies from Las Vegas I can assure you, elopements are being made usually is small groups with to be married couple only or with the best men. They are usually done in a very scenic place, somewhere wild and stunning.

So why would you chose elopement?

Why choosing an elopement rather than a wedding?

There are situations where it’s complicated to gather families because of issues for example that exist within one or both of families (divorces, people who can’t be in the same place as others..) and that can be a real headache when planning a wedding and can lead to even greater troubles.

Of course there is also the financial aspect of it: a wedding in France costs an average of 15 000 euros, when an elopement will cost you three times less than that.

And of course the reason I prefer (still having respect for the two other reasons) is because of the wish to escape your life for a moment, to find yourselves and live a pure moment of emotion as a newly wedded couple, to live the adventurous love like we read it usually in the love story books. I personally find that marvellous, intense, especially when we ends up in a beautiful place. Yes because imagine where you can go with more budget to travel! If you dream of Grand Canyon, or waterfalls in Iceland, or a little secret place in the mountains nearby, well your dream can become a reality!

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If you are looking for a photograph for your elopement in the South of France or abroad, do not hesitate to contact me. I will be delighted to share with you my secret little places around or to discuss with you about the destination you are looking for. I’m a globe trotter and will never hesitate to jump in a plane to propose you my pictures and provide you with a way to keep the emotions and sensations of your elopement with you for ever.

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