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My current photographic work is leading me to try to catch more emotions in scenic places providing both nature and simplicity in the way I shoot and render results to my couples. I’m therefore actually looking for couples interested to perform some elopement inspiration shooting. If you like nature, wants stunning pictured of you and your partner in intimate and emotional atmosphere, do not hesitate to contacte me!

Elopement is very well known in the United States but still an emerging trend in France where it’s still difficult to get away from traditions (big weddings, lots of people, very classic and linear way of doing: church or civic, diner, dancing). Elopement is a way to have a very intimate wedding (only the couple + best man are usually coming), close to nature, it’s a secret moment, an escape from the stress of preparing a traditional wedding and also a cost effective way to get married and use money to find the perfect destination for your elopement. If you like chills, adventure and wants to spend couple of days in the intimacy of newly wed, elopement is for you! Contact me!

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One of the reason I enjoy doing photography is because of the moments of love, of pure emotion I am able to catch with my camera. It always makes me feel so happy to see lovely couples, ready for some new adventures. I’m even more happy when they are ok to escape a few moments with me for a more intimate session! My style is between moody and golden, I like warm tones, dark black and a little bit of blur. My absolute favourite style is the one from Erica Green…absolutely stunning!

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When my lovely couples are ready to take an adventure journey with me, i’m like a child excited by Christmas. I like to always find new stunning spot so that they can come back home not only with the satisfaction of enjoying a few hours of hiking and union with nature but also can get back to their pictures later and appreciate again the moment they had. If they are happy with both aspects then I do not need anything else to make my day! So you who are reading those lines if you feel that your couple is ready for this kind of love session please do not hesitate to contact me! Wherever you are, I’m coming!

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If you have a blog and you constantly need new pictures to illustrate your articles, please let me know as I would be happy to help. Those sessions are always more urban (well if you want to take me to mountains I will never say no) but are always fun and are a way also to meet and discuss. We’ll chose the best location based on the products or style you want to show.

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